Doronko Nurture the Future

Contents of Doronko Nurture

Contents of NurtureNurture Program

We present all the programs, including Doronko’s daily routine, including preschool programs.

Daily program

  • 1 Mixed age nurture
  • 2 Inclusive nurture
  • 3 Long-distance walking
  • 4 Zazen
  • 5 Floor wiping
  • 6 Rhythmic gymnastics,singing
  • 7 Cleaning up the dung of animals,
    cleaning the huts
    (goats, chicken others)
  • 8 Working in the fields
  • 9 Bare foot, Zōri education
  • 10 Lunch on the “engawa”
    (outdoor decking)

Weekly program

  • 11 Shopping street tour
  • 12 Music classes
  • 13 Gymnastics classes
  • 14 NOBINOBI class
  • 15 Painting, creating
  • 16 Express in words

Monthly program

  • 17 Sento day (public bath)
  • 18 Blue sky nurture
  • 19 Excursion

Annual programs

  • 20 Extracurricular experience program

Annual planning proposal system

Annual events are not determined by the nursery principal, nor are they simply following the previous year.
This is the time when smartphones have become widespread, and there are more opportunities waiting for answers after tapping. This is the age when young people must support society by “thinking, asking, and acting on their own rather than waiting for instructions”.
At Doronko, there is a system in which all staff members enter “ability to give to children” and “experience necessary for that purpose” once a year, and assigned staff present and decide on “annual events”.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the first year, the fifth year, or the tenth year!
If it is necessary for the child, everyone will think together and implement what they can do. There are countless experiences that proved to be “good to do” such as “Camping on the snow”, “Dojo no Tsukamidori”(catching loaches), “Ketchup Making”, “Listening to the War Experience” planned by the first year childcare worker.