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Business introduction

About the business descriptions of Doronko group

Childcare business

We operate the nursery schools, mainly authorized ones throughout the country.

See the list of nursery school

Child development support business

We operates the Child Development Support Center and Child Development Support Office “Development Support Tsumugi” and provides various services related to child development support.

See the list of child development support facilities

The Child Development Support business

Temporary acceptance (short stay)

It is the service which takes care of children who may have concerns about development, at a development support facility.

see the list of temporary acceptance (short stay)

Consultation support

We provide support to the children who have concerns about development or persons with disabilities, the support and welfare services necessary to run daily life or social life.See the details.

After-school day service

Based on the Child Welfare Law, for children who have concerns about development, we will provide support for improving their living ability using after school classes and during long holidays such as holidays, spring vacation, and summer vacation. See the details.

Support for visiting nursery schools, etc.

Specialists for development support visit kindergartens, nursery schools, elementary schools, facilities, etc., where children who have concerns about development live together, and participate in group activities while providing “direct support ” to children and “indirect support” to the staff of relevant facilities.See the details.


It is a free cafe attached to each development support Tsumugi facility. Not only the users of Tsumugi but anyone can use it freely.

Tsumugi Cafe
See details on TSUMUGI CAFÉ

Local childcare support

Temporary childcare(visitor course)

It is a service for residents in the area that temporarily takes care of children at a nursery school. There is no difference in childcare policies and services even with temporary custody. Prior registration is required for use

Local Child Care Support Center “Chicken Egg”

This is a support service for local residents at nursery schools and other facilities operated by the Doronko-kai Group.

See details of Chicken Egg

Childcare after illness

It is a service that takes care of children who have difficulties in group childcare during the recovery period from illness or injury. The Doronko-kai Group operates as “the Child care after illness, Binohausu”.

See details of “Nursery Room, Binohausu, for children after illness”

After-school childcare

It is a service that takes care of elementary school children after the classes whose parents are not at home in the daytime due to work, etc., The Doronko-kai Group operates “Hidaka Doronko after-school childcare room”. We develop sociality by having different ages from elementary school first grader to sixth grader in the same space. There is a nursery school on the same site, and we actively engage in exchanges such as helping infants and participating in events.

See the details of "Hidaka Doronko after-school childcare room"

Childcare business consulting

We provide outsourcing and consulting services for childcare businesses for companies such as in-house nurseries and hospital nurseries.

See the website of Japan Welfare Research Institute, Ltd.

Production and sales of edible rice

We own rice fields in Minamiuonuma in Niigata Prefecture, and produce and sell edible rice.

See the Minamiuonuma Production Association website

Media business


Doronko Nursery School Food Education Plan

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Lecture / Seminar

Lectures and seminars on various themes such as nurturing, childcare, work styles, and entrepreneurship.

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