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Doronko staff’s Spirit01A person who can lead the children to develop each one’s way of thinking.

Keep the shovel and watering can rolling in the garden…
If a dispute arises, the nurturer should quickly notice but watch how it settles without interfering immediately.
We set the environment and let the children develop their own thinking in order to enable them to be aware of the nature, the features of things, life, food, and food cycle, with their senses, through experiences and labor, and to choose the activities they want to do.
This is the responsibility of Doronko Person, who is responsible for nurturing children.

Doronko staff’s Spirit02A person who can speak the worthiness
of the job in his own words.

In Doronko, every six months, the staff members make clear “what they would do to children, parents, and to the community”, by giving them self-assessment, semester reviews, and setting goals for the next term.
Doronko Person can speak in his own words the worthiness of this job, not just because he likes it.

Doronko staff’s Spirit03A person who creates opportunities to learn by himself/herself for himself/herself to grow.

In Doronko, there is no “mandatory training” nor “people waiting someone to teach them”.
If a Doronko Person wants to acquire a skill, it’s up to the person to involve other Doronko Persons to organize their own area study meetings, and learn. The number of such sessions, more than 100 a year! Each person chooses and participates in the sessions he/she is interested in. And this area study session is a precious occasion where Doronko People can connect with each other.

Doronko staff’s Spirit03Various supports
from the headquarter

  • Child Nurture Quality Manual (ISO9001:2015 certified)
  • Denmark Internship
  • Bus arrangements for out-of-school childcare
  • Social insurance fully covered
  • Defined Contribution Pension System
  • Various leave systems
  • Short-time work system
  • Fixed time system
  • Social gathering subsidy system
  • Various training systems
  • Disney Resort Discount System
  • Leisure facilities and restaurants
    Sports clubs, shopping, etc.
    Discount system
  • a gathering of people on childcare leave
  • Long-term service commendation system