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Nurture in Doronko Group
Our Nurture

Nurture in Doronko GroupOur Nurture

~The truly necessary experience.~
Working in the field, raising animals like goats and chicken, wiping the floor, going to public bath together.
We pursue the truly necessary experiences, which develops the human power.

We provide the children opportunities for experiences, not 10 but 100, guiding them to think, choose, and take actions by themselves.

policy: 1Four axis of Doronko Nurture

1Our NurtureAbout mixed-age nurture and inclusive nurture

Mixed-age nurture and inclusive nurture.
Children of different ages, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, experience everything, things they want to try and things difficult to handle.

Regardless of age or disability, children live together, rely on each other, conflict with each other, and teach each other.
Doronko nurtures the foundation of the strength to live through the future.

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2Child Development SupportAbout development support program for children

The development support specialists
carry out the nurture program tailored
to the development status of each child.

In addition to living with a variety of friends of different ages, we provide a program tailored to the developmental status of the child by a development support specialist.

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3Local CommunityAbout locality and child care

Local adults raise local children.
We also provide temporary childcare
and childcare after illness

* Local childcare support program: Chicken-Egg / TSUMUGI CAFÉ
* Temporary childcare / childcare after illness
* Kattekago (baskets for collecting used clothes for recycling)
These local childcare services are available
for local parents.

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4Nurture ProgramContents of Doronko Nurture

Introducing all the programs,
Doronko’s daily routine including
preschool education.

We set the environment and let the children develop their own thinking in order to enable children to be aware of the nature, the features of things, life, food, food cycle with their senses, through experiences and labor, and to choose the activities they want to do.
…This is Doronko way of childrearing.

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It is very important to cultivate “non-cognitive ability” during the period of personality formation and character formation.

Usually, cognitive skill training is a main part of the preschool education, but we focus on the non-cognitive ability training prior to the preschool education.

Cognitive abilityThe ability measurable by IQ
Non-cognitive ability Unmeasurable abilities

policy: 2Doronko’s child nurture policy.

To be able to acquire the six abilities properly,
all facilities have a common program.

Mixed age nurture, Zazen, floor wiping, rhythmic gymnastics, taking care of animals(goats, chicken etc.), working in the fields, barefoot nurture, Engawa lunch, shopping street tour, bathing together in Sento(public bath).
…Every activity and labor has it’s meaning.

6 abilities
which can be acquired by Doronko’s Nurture

  • ability. 1 Build up the strong
    and invulnerable body.
  • ability. 2 Do on their own,
    what children can do themselves.
  • ability. 3 Aquire judgment and motivation
    from relationship.
  • ability. 4 Choosing an activity,
    taking action after thinking independently.
  • ability. 5 Knowing about living and death.
  • ability. 6 Express
    feelings and opinions.
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policy: 3The actions for
Doronko Nurture

Doronko LifeLife in Doronko.

While the sun is there, outdoor activities as much as possible. Acquire strength to live through daily life, playing and labor.

Children, through 100 experiences not 10, learn to choose, think, act by themselves.
They walk long distance which helps them acquire physical strength and discovery capability.
They work in the fields, weed, catch bugs in the soil.
They clean up the dung of animals and clean the hut.
We cherish the time while the sun is there, everyday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 till the sunset.

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Safety ManagementDoronko’s actions for safety and hygiene

Doronko’s actions for children’s
health and safety

Doronko group obtained IOS9001:2015 for Child Nurture Service on 1 April, 2016. We assure the safety measures and hygiene management complying with the Child Nurture Quality Manual.

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