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Nurture policy

Nurture policyOur Policy

policy: 1Doronko’s management philosophy

All adults set the environment, look after and support children, with disabilities, without disabilities, infants and babies to teach each other life, playing and labor so that children can live choosing what they want to do.
As a substitute parent and collaborating in nurturing, we practice “three-minute pick-up correspondence” and issue “monthly nursery school newsletter / chicken egg newsletter” that minutely report to the parents their child’s daytime situation.
Doronko Person
Every staff member proposes what is necessary for the children, and raises them, in the place of their parents, showing examples by themselves. In order to raise active children who have the power to live, our staff members create opportunities for them to grow themselves, not passively.
We consider as important local exchanges such as greeting with passing persons, bathing together in Sento (public bath) and shopping street tour, and free up nursery schools and gardens so that local residents can freely use kitchens and cafes, and actively work to support local childcare.

policy: 1Doronko’s nurture philosophy

We nurture “Human Power”.
Proposing and practicing the necessary play and outdoor experiences to acquire “Human power”,
and develop “thinking to think and act on your own”.

policy: 2Doronko’s nurture goal

Sense of wonder

In order for the children to be able to do “activities they want to do”, we watch and support them by providing not 10 but 100 opportunities to notice the nature of things, familiar events, preciousness of life, ingredients and food circulation through “laboring such as working in the field, rice harvesting, caring for goats and chickens” and “experience in nature”.

Person to person communication

When outside the nursery school, it is our nursery school’s promise to exchange greetings with “everyone who passes by”. We make community exchanges such as bathing together in Sento (public bath), shopping street tours, and blue sky nurture, exchange greetings with as many people as possible, and provide opportunities to see as many jobs as possible. Thus, we nurture children who can draw, build, and express “what they feel” and “what they think” with words, gestures, or facial expressions.

policy: 3Doronko Group’s mission.

We are committed to give “the power to change 0 to 1”
to the children all over Japan,
and create a world where young people never throw away the issues
but face and solve them to support the society.