Doronko Nurture the Future

Change the childcare, change Japan.

Doronko group recruitmentRecruit

Nurturing children is about nurturing
the future of this country.
Change Japan from the field of nurturing
and developmental support.

Childcare support is no longer enough just to “keep them safe and secure”.
As written in the Childcare Guidelines, “support to develop the ability to think and act on their own” and “support to develop the ability to express what they want to do/what they expect to be done” are childcare support.
We who actually raise children, think about “powers and thinking” that children should acquire.We build the annual program pursuing the kind of experiences they need.
We will create a childcare industry where nurturers who make what is necessary from scratch are praised.

Together with those of you who share the thinking, we will change Japan from the scene of childcare and developmental support. We, Doronko will continue to challenge and run.

Chief Director Aika Yasunaga

Doronko group recruit informationOur Recruitment Informations

topics: 13 points of demanded human resources

Doronko Manpower01Can we keep thinking and acting all times?

Our goal is to be the nursery school which does not just “keep our children safe”, but “nurture their children’s human power”.。
Moreover, we believe that it is “human being” that is indispensable. It is not enough to “love children” to be able to develop the “spirit to challenge whatever it is”. If adults who spend every day with them do not have the strength to live, they cannot develop their children’s ability to live.

Doronko Manpower02Can you make a proposal without blaming it on the environment?

Think “What is needed now?” seriously.
In Doronko, we take the children to the same shrine in spring and autumn for them to feel the season, plant a tree thick and capable of -to-break to climb and learn the height from which they can jump, breed living creatures to watch and learn life and death, and rent a field to learn to labor. “Having a good environment” does not necessarily mean “capable of providing good childcare”. A Doronko Person thinks deeply “How can we provide good childcare to children?” and tries many ways to achieve it.

Doronko Manpower03Can we nurture children by always being the example?

When we go planting rice, we get muddy. When we go to Sento(public bath), we get undressed first.
Interact with children from the bottom of the heart, and do it before explaining all the experiences in words. It is important to teach by showing example by ourselves.
Rather than adults (nursery teachers, etc.) who process experience activities and events, children follow adults who are seriously involved with them. We look forward to working with people “capable of moving the heart of children” not “capable of moving children”.

topics: 2Interview with a Doronko Person
who works at the nursery school

topics: 3About the staff training system

We thoroughly support the staff
and nursery school management.

In addition to external training and in-house training, we have a thorough backup system in place that provides a total of more than 100 cross sectional childcare skills courses held in the areas in a year for all the Group Staff, in addition to training by the headquarters. We have introduced “competency” into childcare services for the first time in the childcare industry in 1999, we are strengthening the system for each childcare staff to work with a target, and thoroughly pursuing the satisfaction of the parents.

When you join the company
Training system
  • Child Nurture Quality Manual Training
    (Including administrative training and injury case study training/ organized by the headquarters and the nursery school principal)
  • Competency training (organized by the nursery school principal )
  • On-site OJT training (organized by the nursery school principal )
  • New Employee Training (organized by Headquarters)
  • On-site training for affiliated nursery schools (15 days for both new graduates and mid-careers)
  • New graduates and mid-careers follow-up training
Staff support and operation support
  • Uniforms, “Child Nurture Quality Manual” and “Competency” lent to all staff
  • Orientation for joining the company
  • Explanation of welfare and human resources system
After joining the company
Training system
  • Childcare Skills Course (monthly/staff-sponsored)
  • On-Site Local Training (monthly/ organized by the facility manager)
  • Management Training (Sponsored by Headquarters)
  • Business process improvement training and results report (meetings to improve the quality of childcare/ monthly)
  • Competency self-scoring (monthly)
  • Human rights check (April, October)
  • External training
  • Internship in Denmark (annual)
Staff support and operation support
  • Mobile nurture and outdoor nurture using bus
  • Preparation of buses and operation schedule
  • Preparation of rice fields for self-sufficient rice for lunch
  • Lending of iPhone for correspondence entry, childcare record input, and childcare plan input
  • Support for using app systems for childcare records and childcare plans
  • Support for childcare fee invoicing
  • Labor management, payroll calculation, local government application process support
  • Conducting regular periodic internal audits
  • Gathering for return from child care leave

Unique program
to “grow in Doronko”

  • Doronko Training01
    growing in Doronko [Part 1]

    Staff-organised area study meetings
    “Childcare Skills Course”

    Area study meetings started with the initiative of nurturers taking “Be a nurturer with the strength to live”.
    Meetings are held at night or on Saturdays and Sundays in Sendai, Niigata, Kyushu, Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, etc. The number of such meetings can exceed 100 times a year. At times, there may be more than 100 participants in a meeting. We, the Doronko, are proud of the strength of young nursery teachers who gather from different nursery schools for self-growth. This effort to acquire what one needs by one self is naturally much more fruitful than the mandatory trainings. Whether one can grow in Doronko, it’s up to oneself.

  • Doronko Training02
    growing in Doronko [Part 2]

    Study abroad,
    “Internship in Denmark”

    This internship in Denmark is to learn from mobile nurture using bus, which started with the aim of improving the nurturers’ strength to live by themselves. Every morning, we meet at Copenhagen central station bus stop, and in the evening at the same bus stop parents will be waiting to pick up the children. The participants work as a nursery teacher for two weeks, playing in the snow garden, bonfires, and craftwork using tools at an inclusive nursery school that is 40 minutes from the front of the station taking the highway. Those staff members having applied and being selected for an annual in-house recruitment participate.