Doronko Nurture the Future

Message from the chief director

Message from the chief directorMessage from the Director

Regardless of age or disabilities, children actually experience everything,
what they are tempted to do or what they cannot easily manage to do.

Social Welfare Corporation Doronko-kai
Chief Director
Aika Yasunaga

Relying on each other, conflicting with each other,
and teaching each other.

Instead of turning away or running away from the many challenges waiting for them in the future, we want the children to have the will to move forward on their own, asking people first, supported by their surroundings.
We let the children with disabilities experience everything they want to do.
We build a Big House where, not following the instruction from the adults, brothers and sisters live together, move around freely and learn from each other, life, playing and labor.
Just 20 years ago today, I made up mind so and opened my first small non-authorized childcare room in Saitama Prefecture.

Help children develop their own way of thinking

Nurturer, psychologist, physical therapist, speech therapist, cooks, facility managers, clerical workers, janitors, employees, part-timers, parents and local people.
All adults who raise children should go beyond these roles and make their children aware of nature, nature of things, preciousness of life, ingredients and food circulation through their own senses, experiences and labor. They should also constitute an environment and let the children develop their own way of thinking so that they can choose the activities they want to do.
“I’m a specialist”, “I’m a cook”. Don’t we hear such words in our facilities? We would always keep asking ourselves.

Think while running

In line with the changes in industry, society, population, and life expectancy, we have to renew our education. How should we, the educators be in the present age of raising children who think and act on their own after the era of raising good obedient children? We cannot spend time just for thinking. Industry and society change at a tremendously fast, and children grow up more and more. Now, we, the adults who are responsible for raising children. must think seriously “what the children who create the future society should experience”, create opportunities, and sometimes adjust them… Yes, they have to think while running.