Doronko Nurture the Future

Local community and nurture

About local community and nurtureLocal Community

School building, courtyard, cafe,
kitchen all open to local residents on school’s open days.
We practice temporary childcare and childcare for children recovering from illness as well.

* Local childcare support program: Chicken-Egg / TSUMUGI CAFÉ
* Kattekago (baskets for collecting used clothes for recycling)
* Open-house
* Temporary childcare / childcare after illness
These local childcare services are available for local parents.
Note) These services are not practiced by the unauthorized nursery facilities.

Doronko’s nurturing
support service at homeLocal Communications

Local Communications 01 We welcome parents to join in freely as well.
Local childcare support program: Chicken-Egg / TSUMUGI CAFÉ established next to Doronko nursery school and children’s development support facilities.

We would like to see local families coming to play actively to our premises. This is how we named the activity translating the name of a popular Japanese meal Oyako-Don (Chicken and egg on the bowl of rice. Oyako=parents and children). Equipment vary but in each nursery school childcare support events are organized regularly. We invite you to check the schedule of the “Chicken Egg” events in the “Chicken Egg Dayori” issued on the first day every month.
Also, the services at the child development support facilities “Development Support TSUMUGI” and TSUMUGI CAFEs in the child development support center are always available freely.

Local Communications 02 Kattekago (clothes donation box) placed in front nursery schools
for the communication with local people.

Do come and leave the clothes you don’t wear anymore.
Please feel free to pick any clothes you want.
Unattended and free of charge flea market “Kattekago”.
Actually, “Kattekago” in front of every nursery school’s entrance gate is an important tool to connect us to the local community.

Local Communications 03 Open up the nursery school facilities and let the mothers communicate.
Actively implement programs such as postpartum diet yoga.

Each nursery school opens its school building and courtyard from Monday to Saturday, between 9:30 – 16:30.
Childcare support events such as papa-mama seminars and yoga are regularly organized.

Local Communications 04 Childcare for visitors (temporary childcare) following
the Doronko Group nurture policy.
Childcare after illness available to everyone.

Childcare for visitors can be booked from a smart phone by anyone registered as a member. We provide the same high quality care as monthly childcare.
Childcare after illness is a completely isolated childcare room that can be used by any child regardless of their usual nursery school or kindergarten in cooperation with community medicine and nursing.