Doronko Nurture the Future

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the Future.


Choosing, thinking, and taking actions on their own.

Adults provide the atomospher that children can choose their ouw
activities by leading them to develop each one's way of thinking.

02About Us

Nurture “Human Power”.

We do not tell children what to do. Let them experience by themselves. Let the children ask questions, think by themselves, exchange ideas with others to take actions.

04Nutrition Education

Motivation and appetite.

Having foods from creatures and learning about the circulation system of foods and lives. Fully self-sufficient rice for lunch. 2-day trip for rice planting and harvest every May and Sep.

05Our House

Everybody freely moves around in “Our Big House”.

Children live together, teaching with each other what is to live, play and work.
Zone-Nurture let them choose by themselves the activities, partners, and places.

06Doronko Person

People who support children in their thinking.
People who know the worthiness of working.
People who create the opportunities to learn by themselves.

Regardless of positions and duties, all adults are taking care of all the children.


Keep thinking and making into actions.
Propose what to do, but not to blame on the conditions.
Show the way by themselves, to nurture kids.

Doronko persons, wanting to nurture children’s human power, are first to be the adults with human power.


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